Now more than ever, we are motivated by technical risk consultancy’s role as a force for good in the world. As part of the green economy CETEC has the power to improve people’s lives and play a key part in the battle against climate change.

At CETEC we tread lightly, following and embedding the advice and solutions we give our clients. We seek to protect the environment by addressing the complex challenges presented by population growth, climate change, increasing energy demand and resource scarcity to live within the natural limits of our planet.

We care about our people, our communities and strive for zero harm in everything we do.


  • Promote responsible environmental management that enables economic sustainability and social improvements. 
  • Identify and manage our environmental impacts to protect the environment and prevent pollution.
  • Achieve sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources within our own facilities.
  • Be a Net Zero emissions organisation by 2030.
  • Operate responsibly, ensuring compliance, ethics and integrity are central to everything we do in health and safety.

We will

  • Collaborate with stakeholders and clients to open up opportunities that support sustainable development.
  • Work with clients and stakeholders to identify and manage relevant environmental risks, while realising their business objectives.
  • Approach our work holistically, making decisions based on a long-term view of environmental outcomes.
  • Research, develop and promote practical solutions to relevant environmental issues.
  • We commit to ensure the wellbeing and long-term development of all people in our company and our supply chain. 
  • Embed a culture of accountability, taking personal responsibility for health, safety and wellbeing.
  • Work with clients and collaborators who have environmental and social commitments consistent with our own.

More Information

The full policy is available upon request. 

Please contact CETEC about policy related issues by post, facsimile or email:

The Policy Officer  – Rosalie Rao


Unit 2 27

Normanby Road


email: [email protected]