Radiation Contamination

Ionising and non-ionising radiation is present in many workplaces and the risks must be managed to safeguard people and the environment.

- Overview

CETECs experienced EPA licenced radiation handlers, and laboratory design experts offer a single-source solution

Radioactive substances and radiation emitting apparatus are used extensively in industry, healthcare and research laboratories. In some cases, radioactive substances may contaminate a workplace, may leak through shielding or may be produced unintentionally by certain high-energy devices such as magnetrons.

Often, analysis of contamination is required prior to the demolition and renovation of labs where radioactive isotopes were used to safeguard workers and the environment.

CETEC has over 30 years of experience in the field of radiation testing and monitoring and we use our scientific expertise to develop site-specific, innovative and practical solutions for the management of radioactive contamination. This allows us to help you safeguard your people, the environment and to comply with regulations.

- Service Benefits

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals have worked on projects extensively across Australia and internationally

What we test

Contamination assessment of laboratories

X-ray leakage assessment

Key outcomes

Identify and manage risks

Safeguard people and the environment

Compliance with regulatory obligations

Ensure remediation is conducted to an appropriate standard