Clandestine and Drug Residue Testing

Testing for safe management and clearance is essential for premises that have operated as clandestine drug labs

- Overview

Clandestine drug labs cause environmental contamination putting people at risk

Clandestine Drug Labs often pose a serious environmental and health risk. Contamination can come from hazardous precursor chemicals, intermediate by-products or clandestine drugs and may extend beyond the drug lab site to sewer systems, soil and groundwater, illegal chemical dumping sites and law enforcement facilities.

CETEC understands that testing a clandestine drug lab often has multiple objectives – the assessment of contamination to advise remediation, the assessment of possible health risks to occupants or remediation workers, the assessment of the extent of the damage for insurance claims or for compliance with the National Environmental Protection Measure (NEPM).

With this in mind, CETEC uses scientific expertise to develop site-specific, innovative and practical solutions for the management of contamination to safeguard people and the environment and to comply with regulations.

- Service Benefits

Our team of qualified experts have worked on some of Australia's largest clan lab clean-ups

What we test

Site assessment after the police have identified a clandestine lab site

Occupational hygiene monitoring during remediation work

Clearance assessment to enable safe re-occupation

Assessment of occupation exposure for operational and forensic law enforcement personnel

Key outcomes

Identify and manage risks

Safeguard people and the environment

Compliance with regulatory obligations

Assist with insurance claims

Ensure remediation is conducted to an appropriate standard