Hazardous Materials

Tailored Management of Hazardous Materials to ensure the Safety of Workers, the Public and the Environment.

- Overview

For over 35 years CETEC has been the consultancy of choice for complex multi-site HAZMAT projects

Do you have hazardous materials that need to be managed?

CETEC has the knowledge and experience to develop tailored, site-specific, innovative solutions for hazardous materials management. We safeguard people and the environment, to comply with regulations.

Our staff are qualified LAA with over 35 years of experience in pre-demolition audits, clearance certificates, air monitoring, updating, HAZMAT project mananagment, maintaining & creating new Asbestos Registers & Remediation and chemical residue decontamination. Additionally, CETEC is NATA Accredited – ISO17025, so you can rest assured knowing that whatever the complexity, your project complies with the relevant Australian reporting legislation and codes of conduct.

- Service Benefits

Get a clearer understanding of your site's hazards from our multidisciplinary HAZMAT experts

What We Test

Hazmat registers and management plans for schools, hospitals, offices, and industrial facilities

Hazmat registers and management plans prior to renovations or demolition – e.g. asbestos, lead paint, PCBs, SMF and refrigerants

Decommissioning of industrial facilities – residual contamination from raw materials, intermediate by-products and industrial wastes

Decommissioning of laboratories – chemical, biological and radiological contaminants in residues or unused / abandoned containers

Licensed Asbestos Assessors for monitoring and clearance of Asbestos removal work

Key Outcomes

Identify and manage risks

Safeguard people and the environment

Compliance with regulatory obligations

Improve the environment for your peace of mind or for future site users