CETEC unlocks a deeper understanding of emission constituents, dispersion, concentration and impact.

- Overview

CETEC conduct plume dispersion modelling for laboratories, stacks and road pollution.

Protecting human health from the harmful effects of chemical vapours is vital.

CETEC has the experience and expertise to assess plume risks from a range of sources, both at the design stage–by calculating the predicted stack emissions, and conducting plume studies using wind tunnel or computational (CFD) modelling–and at the operational stage through our advanced testing methods.

Our in-depth knowledge of chemical protocols and toxicology provides you with an accurate risk prediction for human toxicology and EPA emission guideline compliance.


- Service Benefits

Our multi-disciplinary approach provides a broader understanding so you can better interpret your risk

What We Test

Particulate matter and metals

Volatile organic compounds

Acid gases

Oxides of nitrogen

Total hydrocarbons

Semi-volatile organic compounds

Carbon monoxide

Carbon dioxide

Sulphur trioxide/dioxide



Key outcomes

Plume dispersion modelling

Sampling particulate emissions

Odour perception surveys

Risk assessment

Preparation of environmental reports

Advice on meeting compliance with standards or guidelines