Materials Failure

We investigate the causes of material failure to provide evidence-based advice on causes and potential remedial solutions

- Overview

Our multi-disciplinary team of scientists test complex issues to expose the root cause

Failure analysis is a critical process in determining the root cause of problems encountered.

It is a complex process that requires many different technical disciplines, and a variety of observation, inspection, and laboratory techniques. At CETEC, our consultants are highly experienced in fields such as corrosion investigation, building and construction, material science, metallurgy, non-destructive testing, and chemicals.

CETEC can help you achieve higher levels of quality and reliability for your product, which will ultimately result in greater customer satisfaction. Let us assist you in understanding the root cause of failure so you can implement appropriate remedial actions.

- Service Benefits

CETEC's Failure Analysis and advice lead to higher levels of quality and reliability

We conduct investigations over a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to :

Flooring materials and flooring systems


Corrosion on bridges and infrastructure

Timber products

Building materials

Sealant systems

Films and packaging

Membrane failures




Key outcomes

Assist clients to understand the root cause of failure

Assist clients to determine appropriate remedial actions to correct and prevent failures

Assist clients to achieve higher levels of quality and reliability of their products and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction