Better Safeguard your building in faster timeframes - Cladding Flammability, Sampling and Analysis

- Overview

CETEC provide situational context and risk interpretation data so you can better assess your risk

Recent tragedies have highlighted the importance of understanding building façade materials and risk.

At CETEC, we provide more than just a laboratory analysis of the cladding material. Our risk categorisation, situational information and in-depth data on the cladding’s context allows you to better safeguard the building in question.

You can use our 10-point site observation checklist to get information regarding site conditions, the context of cladding and the materials around it to make a more informed risk assessment.

As the first cladding testers to gain Insurance Council of Australia approval, with an end-to-end chain of custody, and over 30,000 tests to date CETEC are the trusted name in ACP testing.

- Service Benefits

CETEC is the preferred ACP testing provider for West Australia and the Victorian State Government.

What we test

Building’s Façade System

Material Analysis of Composition and Characterization

Insulation Material and Sarking Composition.

Testing of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Concrete to determine material density – requirements of the Victorian Building Authority.

Key outcomes

Determine the building’s façade system composition to assist with understanding risk for Fire Engineers and ICA based ratings.

Risk interpretation data

10-point site observation checklist