Contaminated Land

CETEC's multidisciplinary team plans, executes, investigates and assesses contaminated land

- Overview

CETEC specialists offer guidance in evaluation and remediation

Our team of qualified professional scientists and engineers can provide the technical know-how to quantify and provide solutions to contaminated land issues and remediation that are compliant with the proposed land use for the site.
The goal is to provide a fit or purpose long-term solution that ensures minimal environmental consequences and assurance that human health impacts are minimised.

- Service Benefits

Restoration of contaminated sites to a level suited for the intended use. CETEC assist clients with a full expectrum of contaminated land services including:

What we Test

Phase 1 and phase 2 environmental site investigation

Contaminated land audit

Groundwater investigation

Site remediation planning

Human health and ecological risk assessment. Validation and site monitoring reports

Key Outcomes

Restoration of land to a valuable fit-for-purpose asset

Limiting human exposure to contaminants

Limiting the environmental impact of previously contaminated land

reducing the risk of prosecution for the owners of contaminated land