Our Values

Recognised leaders in technical and scientific risk management solutions

Total Solutions

Our holistic philosophy, where all relevant decisions have been considered together and integrated into a whole; seeking a deeper understanding of root causes to unlock long-term solutions.


Leading research, we respond to and create advances in scientific knowledge. New findings are constantly adapted and integrated into methodology through new thinking and processes.

Evidence Based

Combines professional expertise with established theory. All results and advice are backed by trusted, thorough scientific testing, method and processes which are validated by the scientific community.


Work with commitment, coordination, and trust with each other and our clients; openness and sharing to improve the quality of outcomes and accelerate innovations.


Acting openly, honestly and honourably with our own and other people. Creating an understanding and inclusive working environment based on equity, merit, fairness and respect.

Technical Quality

Strives for quality by drawing on expert knowledge, industry best practice and new advances; accurate execution and precision through effective processing and scientific and technical education.