Advanced corrosion investigation to identify the cause and advise on cost-effective remedial solutions

- Overview

As a member of The Australasian Corrosion Association, CETEC has extensive experience in corrosion

CETEC has extensive experience in the assessment, investigation, diagnosis, remediation and prevention of issues related to all types of corrosion. Our team of corrosion expert consultants can provide corrosion risk assessments, expert reports and expert witness testimony for clients across a wide variety of industries.

With the most advanced investigative and diagnostic capabilities –ultrasonic, X-ray, magnetic and chemical methods– we can help you understand the root causes of corrosion and advice on remediation.

- Service Benefits

With the most advanced corrosion testing in Australia CETEC can help you unlock the root cause

What we test

Any metallic material suffering corrosion

Pipes and fittings

Cooling towers and chiller systems

Bridges and other infrastructure

Steel drums

Tanks and vessels

Copper wires

Pumps and pump controllers

Steel gutters

Galvanised steel crack joints

Key outcomes

Full understanding of the root cause of corrosion to determine appropriate remediation

Reduce the risk of a future failure

Increase customer satisfaction