Occupant Health Testing & Solutions for the workplace

Radiation Contamination

CETEC have staff trained in radiation safety, the use of ionising radiation emitting apparatus, the use of radioactive substances and have extensive experience in radiation testing techniques. With these qualifications, we can effectively identify and manage radiation risks in many workplaces.

Clandestine and Drug Residue Testing

CETEC have extensive experience testing clandestine lab contamination and assessing health and environmental impacts in workplaces and residential properties


CETEC are industry leaders in Legionella Risk Management. We draw on our wealth of experience to assist in Legionella outbreak management and preventative testing.

HSE Audits

CETEC conducts third party Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental audits to assist you meet your due diligence requirements.

COVID-19 Risk Management

CETEC leverages scientific principles and expertise in indoor environments, air quality and microbiology to develop innovative risk assessment and risk management strategies for businesses to deal with COVID-19. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals has worked on projects extensively across Australia and internationally

Occupational Hygiene

CETEC have conducted occupational exposure monitoring across a wide variety of industries and are able to give practical advice to reduce exposure of workers and the public. 3. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals have worked on projects extensively across Australia and internationally.


CETEC are expert in conducting asbestos audits, Registers, Risk Assessments, clearance certificates and Management Plans. Our extensive experience enables us to develop compliant registers of asbestos containing materials in buildings, for compliance to WHS state and federal legislation.

- Global experience, local presence

Our leading team of highly qualified scientists bring international expertise to your project

- Total solutions

By bringing together multi-specialisms, our unique systems-thinking philosophy provide superior solutions that last

- Benefits of our health services

Occupational Health & Safety

Improve health & wellness of occupants

Lower staff turnover, improved office attendance and reduced sick days.

Improves Productivity 

Corporate Responsibility

Improves engagement

Improves employee trust

Increased morale

Reduced staff turnover


Achieve compliance with WHS regulations 

Proactive assessment prevents incidents

Reduces workers compensation claims

- Action plan

Your action plan to improve health and safety



Test and audit your site to understand the baseline


Reduce Risks

Implement building upgrades or maintenance actions


Prioritise your improvements

Conduct a Gap Analysis on information gathered, a Remedial Action Plan or Risk Assessment


On-going optimisation

On-going monitoring, testing and modification 

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