35 years of solving complex, difficult, time-critical environmental risks simply.


CETEC offers a wide range of emission sampling services to assist clients in monitoring air quality discharges to assess compliance with regulation and/or license requirements. We provide accurate data and detailed interpretation of industrial and stationary source emissions, by testing and ensuring responsible management of industrial air emissions is achieved.


With great environmental leadership, safe, reliable and cost-effective, CETEC is driven to be a part of the circular economy movement, where waste is recovered, sorted, and reused at every opportunity. Our team of scientists can assess the components of waste and provide guidance in respect to recycling, remediation or safe disposal within the regulatory framework.

Contaminated Land

CETEC is experienced in assessing and reporting on contaminated sites. Our range of services includes consultation, site investigation, sampling, and reporting in compliance with all relevant legislation, regulations, guidelines and industry standards.

- Global reach, local presence

Our international experience of complex sites allow us to reduce your risk simply and quickly

- Total solutions

By bringing together multi-specialisms, our unique systems-thinking philosophy provide superior solutions that last

- Benefits of our environmental services

Fast turnaround

Fast turnaround on quotes, sampling, excavation set-up, lab results and reporting. 

Our expedited in-house lab results reduce program time and costs

Rapid information flows enables timely  response to stakeholders and regulators


Making complex issues simple is in our DNA

Our reports synthesise key results and recommendations

85% of our clients describe our reports as the easiest to understand in the industry

Value Maximisation

Our reports provide remediation options to enable cost/benefit assessment

Options to prioritise assessment phases saves time and money. 

Clear and fast communication reduces program time and costs

- Action plan

Your action plan to reduce your environmental risk



PSI, DSI, Phase 1 – critical tasks to understanding current site status.


Remediation Action Plan

Phase 3 – Tailored plan to manage contamination


Site Sampling

Phase 2 – Sampling, site assessment and analyses.



Phase 4 – Confirm that all contamination has been adequately removed, clearance certification and report to regulators. 

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