CETEC are industry leaders in Legionella Risk Management

- Overview

CETEC is skilled in assisting building owners and property managers across the full range of Legionella risk management services

Are you concerned about Legionella oubreaks?

Legionella is a microbial survivor that can infect water systems in buildings, putting immunocompromised and other susceptible individuals at high risk.

CETEC has the experience and expertise necessary to help protect the people who matter most by providing comprehensive Legionella risk management services. Recognised as the industry leader in Legionella outbreak investigations and prevention, CETEC has vast experience in high-risk facilities such as hospitals and aged care.

Our Core Services include:

  • Independent and accredited water sampling and analysis
  • Emergency investigations and disinfections 
  • Development of Water Quality Risk Management Plans (WQRMPs)
  • Legionella Risk Assessment in Potable Water
  • Legionella Risk Assessment  in Cooling Towers 
  • Legionella risk management consulting

- Service Benefits

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals have worked on projects extensively across Australia and internationally

What We Test

Legionella pneumophila and species

Rapid Legionella – NATA 24-hour TAT

Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC)

Genome Typing

Chlorine Levels

Biofilm Indicators

Corrosion / Scaling Parameters

General Water Quality

Key Outcomes

Verify compliance with Regulations and Standards

Control Water-Related Risk

Reduce disruption to operations

Prevent injury and illness