Mould & Bacteria

Testing and Identification of Moisture and Mould in Buildings to Maintain a Healthy Indoor Environment

- Overview

CETEC has 35 years of expertise identifying and managing moisture and mould issues across a variety of building types

Concerned about mould?

At CETEC we understand the dangers that mould can pose to health and safety –harmful mould species can grow on surfaces and contaminate the air with spores and hyphal fragments. Our team of scientists use the latest technology and scientific methods to assess and remediate moisture and mould issues quickly and effectively.

To ensure that your building is safe and healthy we use our 35 years of expertise to develop site-specific, innovative and practical solutions. And as mould and moisture assessment can be complex, we have a wide range of services ranging from visual inspections to analytical tests, depending on the extent of damage, the types of materials involved and the underlying moisture.


- Service Benefits

Mould and bacteria testing and assessment leads to improved occupant health and reduced building fabric degradation

What we test

Assessment of mould after an event (e.g. flooding)

Investigation of systemic mould contamination in building

Identify mould species in the air and on surfaces using DNA sequencing to aid in the diagnosis of health complaints

Quantify mould in the air and on surfaces for Post Remediation Verification (PRV)

Key outcomes

Identify and manage risks

Assist with insurance claims

Ensure remediation is conducted to an appropriate standard

Prevent re-occurrence of mould in the building

Improve the health and well-being of building occupants