Powerhouse – Air Tightness

Air Tightness
CETEC’s state-of-the-art air tightness testing has helped the Powerhouse Museum deliver a sustainable building and a healthier environment for over two million visitors per year.. Explore the full case study below.

The Powerhouse – Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS), Parramatta, is the most significant investment in cultural infrastructure since the Opera House and the largest structural engineering and architecturally complex projects underway in the Southern Hemisphere.

CETEC was commissioned to accelerate this State Significant Development and ensure its delivery of best-practice sustainability and energy efficiency. CETEC testing and advice on air tightness confirms the design under different scenarios and enables modifications to optimise thermal comfort, temperature control and air quality, assuring delivery to specification. 

Project Details

• Air Tightness Testing
• Indoor Environment Quality
• HVAC testing & assessment
• Condensation management

• Multi-use
• Civic


Our Work

  • Testing, assessment and reporting of air permeability and change rates. 
  • Customised evidence-based testing procedures to identify, manage and minimise air infiltration and exfiltration.
  • Report and advise on modifications to increase building envelope tightness

Our Impact

  • Our work supports the Powerhouse in attaining its sustainability and energy goals, and steward sustainability
  • Enhances the wellbeing of two million visitors per year
  • Confirms the design and construction has been delivered on brief.