VCCC – Air Tightness

Air Tightness
CETEC’s airtightness testing and strategic advice ensures VCCC delivers on high-quality air for its staff, visitors, and patients. Explore the full case study below.

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) is a multi-disciplinary specialist cancer hospital and research centre in Melbourne with a vision to save lives by integrating cancer research, education and patient care.

CCETEC’s first-rate airtightness testing and strategic advice ensure VCCCs staff, visitors and patients can access the best quality air. In addition to helping VCCC meet stringent air envelope standards, quality-controlled air can reduce disease burden, allowing the centre to better deliver on its promise. 

Project Details

• Air Tightness Testing
• Indoor Environment Quality

• Healthcare
• Wellness


Our Work

  • Air Tightness Testing during the commissioning phase of VCCC
  • Smoke Testing to identify envelope exfiltration
  • Reports on leakage points and recommendations for enhancing air tightness

Our Impact

  • Enhance the comfort and health of VCCC staff, visitors and patients allowing VCCC to deliver on its vision
  • Ensures quality controlled air across VCCCs two sites complies to containment standards
  • Improving air quality outcomes and infection control