New Welding Fume Safety Standards in Australia: Our Atmospheric Monitoring

In the wake of new safety regulations from Safe Work Australia, Australian’s are called to update their practices to adhere to stricter welding fume safety standards. These pivotal changes, which were agreed to on the 18th of January 2024, are not just about legal compliance—they reflect a profound commitment to safeguarding health. Here’s what the […]

Enhanced Safety Measures Against Asbestos in Mulch

Recent investigations1 from Sydney and Regional New South Wales have raised concerns about the presence of asbestos fragments in landscaping materials. While the exact source remains unclear, this discovery has placed a spotlight on the potential hazards that asbestos-contaminated garden mulch might pose in public and private open spaces. For over 35 years, CETEC have […]

Snowy Hydro – Hazardous Materials

Snowy Hydro is described as one of the civil engineering wonders of the world and brings one-third of renewable energy to the Australian Electricity Market. CETEC collaborated with Precision Laser Cleaning (PLC) on a lead chromate pigment removal project at Snowy Hydro’s Murray 1 Power Station. Having designed a suitable extraction system CETEC monitored the paint […]